Aberrant Behavior Detection

Any service that has a numeric result can be checked for aberrant or unexpected values. Once enabled, argus uses the Holt-Winters algorithm to predict what the result should be, and anything outside the expected range will cause the service to be down.

to enable, configure a maxdeviation (or any severity qualified variant (eg. maxdeviation.minor))

    Service UDP/SNMP {
        oid:  ifInOctets[Gi3/0]
        calc: ave-rate-bits
        maxdeviation.minor:   2
        maxdeviation.warning: 4

by default, argus uses a seasonal period of one week, and alpha, beta, and gamma values reasonable for a week season. these can be changed using the parameters:

  • hwab_period
  • hwab_alpha
  • hwab_beta
  • hwab_gamma

See this paper for details on the various parameters